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First things first: Aaron Rose is gone! Wait, isn't he Blair's stepbrother now? Shhhh! Don't spoil the Christmas Miracle with all of your pertinent questions. Gone. Serena broke up with him on the…   Read Story »
[Ed. Note: better late.] So, Bart Bass is dead. OR IS HE? My friend Steven has floated the possibility that he's not dead (quote: i just don't believe someone is dead until i see the corpse and see…   Read Story »
There's a new series of "provocative" Gossip Girl print ads that are going to definitely make the kids go hmm, just as soon as the kids discover the joys of reading. Each ad features one of the main…   Read Story »
Now that Thanksgiving is out of the way it's going to be a headlong rush through the holiday season and basically it's already 2009. But before we kiss 2008 goodbye forever, since this is such a…   Read Story »
It's Thanksgiving! As the episode opens we're told that while for most people Thanksgiving is a holiday where families come together and give thanks, on the Upper East Side it returns to its roots of…   Read Story »
When Jenny Humphrey ran away last week it was very exciting. Unlike throwing your sweet sixteen-and-a-half at 1Oak or stealing all of Bart Bass's Ferragamo loafers as a goof, teenagers running away…   Read Story »
Remember the original ads for season 2 of Gossip Girl that showed two kids fucking Like Water for Chocolate style with a salacious quote like "Your Mom's Going To Barf," or "This Show Will Fuck Your…   Read Story »
OK, so last week Jenny Humphrey quit her job with Eleanor Waldorf and decided to start her own fashion line, and as this week's episode opens Jenny is just putting the finishing touches on a final…   Read Story »
We open this week on Blair masturbating. Haha. That sentence. We open this week on Blair masturbating. OK! Dorata, her maid, catches her and tells her that God is always watching. Um, shut up,…   Read Story »
Bart Bass is back from Billionaire Island or whatever, so it's time for the Basses and the Van Der Woodsens to become a family. Because Lilly and Bart got married last spring, and you know the rule…   Read Story »