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Last week, Nikki Finke reported that the Gossip Girl spin-off about young Lily Rhode's adventures in LA had been canceled before it even began. Actually, Nikki Finke said "put a fork in it. It's…   Read Story »
Serena's new boyfriend Gabriel pulled a classic grift (what con artists call the Internet in Africa Oopsie Daisy) and got all of the money. If only Serena had listened to Chuck and Blair's creepy and…   Read Story »
The show opens with a joke about how Blair refuses to use the dirty, dirty subway. Oh please. I am willing to accept so much from this show, from the weekly cocktail parties to the casual ways in…   Read Story »
The episode opens in the middle of a My Fair Lady-esque dream sequence in which Blair tries to in a fancy restaurant to pay for school and then is escorted out by Grandfather…   Read Story »
If for some reason you don't feel like watching this Blake Lively interview on the Late Show with David Letterman, not that I could imagine a single reason why that would be, not a single reason in…   Read Story »
Vanessa and Dan are heading over to Nate's house to watch some college basketball and talking all about the European vacation Vanessa is planning on taking with Nate this summer. Uh oh. Not two…   Read Story »
YESSSS! It's back! We pick up right where we left off. Dan Humphrey is hooking up with that horrible teacher that at first it was rumored he was hooking up with when he wasn't but then she got fired…   Read Story »
Blair has community service because of how she invited the new teacher, Ms. Carr, to the opera as a prank. I really wish they would have shown the scene in which Ms. Carr was forced to explain her…   Read Story »
It's Yale Day, whatever that is. Have things really changed so much since I went to college? Granted, that was back in 1953, when a woman wouldn't dare to show her ankles, but I remember everyone…   Read Story »
It's time to read Bart Bass's will. Lilly won't be there because she is in Boston with Rufus trying to track down their secret monster adoption nightmare. But Chuck has asked Blair to go with him,…   Read Story »