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At the end of this week's episode, they showed the teaser for next week's episode, and it is going to feature a threesome? Perfect. They should use this show in junior high school classrooms, to…   Read Story »
It's Halloween, and you know what that means: Kiss pumpkins! Wait, what? The episode opens with Rufus carving an entire series of Kiss pumpkins. WHY DON'T YOU FOCUS ON RAISING YOUR CHILDREN, RUFUS?…   Read Story »
Blair has a bad dream based on All About Eve. Sure she does. It's 2009, it just makes sense that a college freshman would have a dream in which she is the Bette Davis character in a 60 year old movie…   Read Story »
If there was one week to miss so far this season, it was last week. Hilary Duff? Tyra Banks? Come on. I mean, I know this show is a make-believe dystopian nightmare for children, but one celebrity…   Read Story »
Blair, who uses gloves to turn dormitory door knobs (of course she does), walks in on Dan and Georgina up in each other's gutz. CAUGHT! Dan is like "I was just in here to get a book called Our Bodies…   Read Story »
Whoa. Whatever facts about high school may have been gently fudged during the first two seasons of Gossip Girl (almost all of the facts, covered in fudge), they're going even further with their…   Read Story »
Wow, the summer really is over. TIME TO LEAVE THE HAMPTONS. Or whatever. Are the Hamptons gauche now? I don't know. TIME TO LEAVE THE MOON. Old money is all about summering on the moon now. Of…   Read Story »
First, your honor, I present the evidence. Article 1: BUT WAIT, DOCTOR JUDGE, THERE IS MORE OF THIS: Evidence piece #29: Bloody Knife! I am going to throw the book at this evidence! And…   Read Story »
Chuck Bass dips into the Bass fortune to open his own chain of infused-smoothie stores, going head to head with Jambo's Juice (CEO revealed in final episode with cameo by Breckin Meyer). Serena Van…   Read Story »
It's graduation time! And that means the end of Gossip Girl, says Serena, who is always right about everything. She's like a Correct Assumptions Factory. Hopefully, Serena says at brunch with Blair,…   Read Story »