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Should the perfectly normal, none-of-our-business, private life of a celebrity ever be considered "news"? Like, is it "news" when two celebrities we will never even meet break up? Is it "news" when…   Read Story »
What a week! NASA's Curiosity rover landed on Mars, President Obama revealed his undying love for Anne Hathaway, AND you guys all got mad at me because I said one negative thing about Breaking Bad in…   Read Story »
From what I can tell from the WAY too many hours of Olympics I've watched this past week, interviewing athletes is very difficult. "How do you feel?" "Did you ever think you'd get here, to this…   Read Story »
This is a photo of some 3D street art that was painted in Madrid to advertise The Dark Knight Rises. It's great because all 3D-style street art is great because how do they even do it? Check out the…   Read Story »
Somehow this four-day week felt like a FOURTEEN-day week, didn't it? My goodness. So many things happened during it. Peggy SPOILER ALERTED. Joan SPOILER ALERTED for a 5% share in the company. Blake…   Read Story »
In brightest day, in blackest night, beware his power, Green Lantern's gay. #SomeHomo   Read Story »
ARE YOU SITTING DOWN? I know you're probably convinced that sitting down in front of a computer all day is going to decrease your life expectancy in surprisingly dramatic ways because of all those…   Read Story »
You know how sometimes you read something about someone and it affects you in such a way that makes you to see everyone and everything in your life a little differently? Like, it may not be something…   Read Story »
GQ did an interview with the character Jean-Ralphio from Parks and Recreation and the results range from pretty to very good. Hahah. You should read it! If you want to. Maybe you need a break from…   Read Story »
Ashton Kutcher will no longer be letting his mind run freely through his Twitter account, booooo! BOOOO! It will, from this point on, be screened by his management team or whatever. I don't know why…   Read Story »