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If you must know, Jamie Kennedy has a new web series called Kennedy's Court in which he lampoons daytime courtroom shows. Right on time? America is finally ready for this send up! Those shows have…   Read Story »
An 8-year-old in Colorado Springs dressed up as Martin Luther King Jr. for a school project, including painting his face, which I'm not even going to call blackface even though I know I called it…   Read Story »
The above video stars Laura Bell Bundy, who just recently released her first country single, "Giddy On Up," after a successful run as Belle Woods in the Broadway production of Legally Blonde. (Read:…   Read Story »
You probably already saw this clip since it was everywhere yesterday, and I promise never to ever be on an airplane again* so that you do not have to suffer the indignity of seeing something posted a…   Read Story »
Um... UMMM! Man, that little girl stuck with her friend when she had the chicken pox, and here she is throwing her under the black person bus like it never meant anything. "But you don't have the…   Read Story »
As we know, the beloved character of Cleveland Brown from Seth MacPooplane's* Family Guy is getting his own show. It's even been picked up for a second season months before the first season airs.…   Read Story »
Barack Obama, you guys. So far so good. He throws snowballs and talks about Jessica Simpson AND he makes bold steps towards a logical energy policy and changing the Muslim world's attitude about…   Read Story »
I'm not talking about the insane endurance game shows or the vending machines that sell used schoolgirl panties. For one thing, those game shows would be mad popular over here, so we can cut it out…   Read Story »