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Saturday Night Live head writer Colin Jost will take over for Seth Meyers on "Weekend Update." Meet videos of him over at Splitsider! -Splitsider Sarah Silverman is visited by Jesus Christ to…   Read Story »
The Smurfs teaser trailer, you guys: Look, I'm an adult. And this movie was not made for adults. Even an adult who used to love the Smurfs, and as a child had a velvet Crown Royal bag where he…   Read Story »
I'm glad that you broke up with your ex-boyfriend, Nick, but your new boyfriend, BJ, doesn't seem much better. I judge you for the lord.   Read Story »
Let me just say, first and foremost, that I was wrong. I often am! I did not love Inglourious Basterds. I didn't even really like it very much. But it was not the disastrous, self-indulgent, World…   Read Story »
We haven't posted the Inglourious Basterds teaser trailer yet this week because the only versions available were those clips from Entertainment Tonight where those dumb-dumbs talk over the whole…   Read Story »
Last's night's episode of The Office was written by the great Mindy Kaling, which explains all the extended makeout scenes with B.J. Novak, jk! But seriously, so many people write TV show episodes…   Read Story »
A funny subplot in an otherwise sort of blah episode: Ryan helps Kelly break up with Darryl and finds it surprisingly easy: We'd better not have heard the last of Darryl on this subject.…   Read Story »
gabe: ok gabe: jimmy fallon is untalented gabe: and does not deserve the job of late night talk show host gabe: end of fight lindsay: What qualities do you think a good talk show host should…   Read Story »