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Gosh, who would have ever thought Jay Leno would spend the last half hour of his final episode of The Tonight Show lying on his desk in the dark? And requesting for Kevin Eubanks to come hold his…   Read Story »
There's something very familiar about this still of Leo from The Great Gatsby. Anybody? Rose?? -BlackBook "Charles Barkley's Christmas Card" from Funny Or Die's most recent issue of The…   Read Story »
If this new star-studded trailer for the Oscars, which was made in partnership with Funny or Die and is clearly intended to show that the Oscars are "fun" and "hip" and "with it," is any indication,…   Read Story »
Wow, what a week we've had. 100% Brett Ratner and The Oscars and nothing else at all, it feels like! It's unfortunate that -- Well, first it's unfortunate that our week was 100% Brett Ratner and The…   Read Story »
[Billy Crystal needs no introduction. He also doesn't need to waste his time doing an interview with us. Which is why this is a fake interview.] Videogum: Hello, Billy Crystal. Billy Crystal:…   Read Story »
Osama Bin Laden felt heat all over his body, but especially on his face, as he approached the gates of hell. He had a youthful body, not crippled by disease or riddled with bullet holes like the body…   Read Story »
Tooth Fairy trailer, you guys: I know that some things just aren't made for me, like, I'm clearly not the intended audience. I know that, of course I know that. So it makes sense that, say, the…   Read Story »
If a magical fairy came down from heaven and asked me to design my favorite TV content, I would say "A documentary about comedy hosted by Paul Rudd." So I'm 2/3 totally excited about tonight's…   Read Story »