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Bill Maher is basically the worst. He's self-satisfied and condescending and a bully. He's basically the left wing Bill O'Reilly. Yes, Bill O'Reilly is more the worst than Bill Maher, but they are…   Read Story »
This uses the oldest trick in the viral video book, taking a clip of The O'Reilly Factor with guest Geraldo Rivera and slow the audio down so they sound like two chopped and screwed monsters having…   Read Story »
(As part of the ThinkUp partnership between Diane Von Neighborhoodies and some of the internet's favorite blogs, we've come up with five Videogum-themed designs for attractive t-shirts that you can…   Read Story »
There's a spoof movie coming out called An American Carol that's an attack on Michael Moore and liberal politics. It's basically Scary Movie for the FOX News set. Literally. Same people. There…   Read Story »
Now that the offensive Snickers ad in which Mr. T shoots an alleged gay with a gatling gun from the back of a pickup truck has been pulled from circulation, it's time for the former wrestler, member…   Read Story »
The Bill O'Reilly vs. Nas feud continues with this segment: (via Nah Right) No, Bill O'Reilly, you're not a racist for pointing out that Nas's latest album sold fewer copies in its first week…   Read Story »
Stephen Colbert breaks down the whole Nas v. FOX News controversy, including the part where Geraldo raps. Look, I loved Dark Knight, but all I'm saying is that one person has the number one movie…   Read Story »
A new Heinz mayonnaise ad produced for the UK features two dudes kissing, and it makes Bill O'Reilly so mad! (via Bill O'Reilly doesn't quite know why he's so angry. He knows that this…   Read Story »
The Creaky Boards have a new and presumably unwanted ally in their fight against Coldplay for allegedly but probably-not stealing one of their songs. "Papa Bear" Bill O'Reilly lashed out at Chris…   Read Story »
At Saturday's National Conference On Media Reform, a gross producer from The O'Reilly Factor named Porter Barry got a taste of why Bill Moyers is widely known to be, despite his own self-description,…   Read Story »