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Bill O'Reilly, regular sender of goons with cameras who ambush people he disagrees with, posted a video Friday with a warning about how you will lose your privacy to technology. It's hypocritical on…   Read Story »
Usually when Bill O'Reilly sends his goon out to "ambush" someone, that person doesn't completely turn the situation around into an opportunity to quickly and succinctly get his or her own reasonable…   Read Story »
This viral video has made a sudden resurgence this week: Bill O'Reilly introduces a breathless Inside Edition segment about how Nintendo and the mysterious Mario Brothers are taking over America with…   Read Story »
Here are a couple of obvious truths: Roger Ebert Is The Best Bill O'Reilly Is The Worst So, admittedly, a feud between them would simply retrench these FACTS. No one is walking away from the…   Read Story »
Jessica Alba has finally broken her legendary silence via her MySpace blog, and she wants to clear some things up, you guys: I want to clear some things up that have been bothering me lately. I find…   Read Story »
In his segment "Policing The Net," Bill O'Reilly called in his "Internet Cop," a woman named Amanda Carpenter, presumably the only person with an email address who's willing to be on O'Reilly's show,…   Read Story »
Bill O'Reilly and Dennis Miller recap the inauguration (with a focus on Jay Z and "Little Jeezy") and they're so old and emasculated and unintentionally funny because they think they're still…   Read Story »
Is it just me, or does political humor seem like something from the distant past? I know that this is a quickly passing phase, but seriously, that shit is quaint. It all sounds like Joe the Plumber…   Read Story »
OK, at this point you can't help but be a little bit concerned for this kid because clearly his parents aren't. Concerned. About his well being. And yet, the potential for him to impersonate Bill…   Read Story »
Bill O'Reilly is a horrible person and should go to Superjail! but I will say this: if it took all these years of O'Reilly's bullying, small-minded, beef-faced ranting to have a small child in a…   Read Story »