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Hang in there, guys! We are almost done here. Seriously, though, what else is there to even talk about today? Can you think of something else that you want to talk about? Because if you can, you are…   Read Story »
They do this a lot! You can download it here for five dollars. (Or you can watch it here.) (Illegally?)   Read Story »
Once a year, Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly get into it and everyone is like "can you believe it" even though they should believe it because it's happened before. This year it is happening too. Can…   Read Story »
By now you have definitely heard at least something about this Chick-Fil-A stuff, right? You're on Facebook. Everything's happenin' on Facebook these days! Anyway, this chain restaurant that sells…   Read Story »
Bill O'Reilly is a liar and an asshole, end of story. There's absolutely nothing he could ever really do to make up for the years of disinformation and hate-mongering that he has broadcast through…   Read Story »
If you want to get mad at/about Bill O'Reilly this morning, here's a clip to watch. It's really up to you. It's only if you want to get annoyed/mad at/about him and/or are for some reason not…   Read Story »
In his new book, Richard Dawkins debunks the myth that Bill O'Reilly ISN'T a huge asshole. (BANG! BIG BANG!)   Read Story »
Like clockwork, Jon Stewart returns to the O'Reilly Factor for his six-month standing appointment to argue with Bill about something inconsequential. In this case: the "controversial" (LOL!) rapper…   Read Story »
It is just as famously Tweeted: in the future, everyone will be a meme for 15 blog posts. SUPERPOKE!   Read Story »
Did you know that Bill O'Reilly answers viewer questions in behind-the-scenes vlog-style videos that he posts on YouTube? If you knew that you shouldn't have known that. What's up with you knowing…   Read Story »