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Oh, Bill Nye. You were a major figure in our childhoods and now you're a semi-major figure in our adulthoods. A person for whom we still carry a lot of fondness, even though the smirking way in which…   Read Story »
Ellen got an eyeful of Katy Perry at last night's Grammys. -JustJared A GIF Guide To The 2013 Grammy Awards -TheDailyDot The Lorne Michaels typo heard 'round the world -Uproxx Party Down…   Read Story »
BOOM, CAROL COSTELLO! Whose google search turns up "kooky guy who doesn't know what he's talking about" now, huh? NO ONE'S? Still no one's, because that isn't even HOW GOOGLE WORKS? You big jerk.…   Read Story »
One time when I was in college (you are impressed) I was walking with a friend who I had known for three years, and somehow the topic of global warming came up. And he started talking about how he…   Read Story »