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Wonderful Man Alec Baldwin was on Real Time With Bill Maher Friday night, where he eschewed shill duties for his (awesome) new book and instead helped fellow guests Garry Shandling and Christiane…   Read Story »
The Gap just released a bunch of get-out-the-vote ads with the leftover celebrities rejected from all the other get-out-the-vote ads (and Norman Lear, who is great.) I guess they thought Perez…   Read Story »
Bill Maher is basically the worst. He's self-satisfied and condescending and a bully. He's basically the left wing Bill O'Reilly. Yes, Bill O'Reilly is more the worst than Bill Maher, but they are…   Read Story »
Why anyone thought sending Bill Maher to a burqua store to ridicule its owner to his face while making pathetic hacky jokes would somehow enlighten anyone about organized religion's excess of power…   Read Story »
From the director of Borat and the producer of Fahrenheit 9/11 comes a new documentary about the silliness of religion that looks to leave audiences with the slightly icky feeling of the former and…   Read Story »