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Here's a normal conversation you might overhear at the grocery store or the therapist's office waiting room: "Do you think Bill Cosby should have an iPhone app?" "I don't know, I don't think…   Read Story »
He doesn't actually rap? He just put the project together to raise awareness about "issues in hip hop," whatever that means? You can listen to it streaming on-line now? So many questions about this?   Read Story »
It is a virtual HOUSE OF COSBYS! (Not to be confused with the non-virtual House of Cosbys.)   Read Story »
There was a big Cosby Show reunion on both the regular Today Show and the fourth hour with Kathie and Hoda this morning, presided over by patriarch Bill Cosby, who was...intense, argumentative,…   Read Story »
Give this thirty seconds, and it will give you a smile on your face: I enjoy this kind of evidence that someone out there in the world got really, really stoned and watched a beloved TV show from…   Read Story »
Bill Cosby did some kind of intro for last night's Temple-Ohio sportsball game (get the ball in the point zone, team!), and, whoops, Bill Cosby, your brain thought this made sense. (via…   Read Story »
Last night, I was at a viewing party for The Pick Up Artist (more on that later, lucky you) and we were all joking around the way that friends do and I made a reference to Picture Pages and the room…   Read Story »
See, this is the problem with the internet: August 22, 2008 (Computerworld) Michel Gondry, the innovative director of films, music videos and numerous TV commercials, is directing at least one of…   Read Story »
Bill Cosby is finally taking advantage of the cultural significance and hipster party theme popularity of the aggressively unattractive sweaters he wore on The Cosby Show and elsewhere. Just look at…   Read Story »