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"I was hoping you'd ask. You know, it began with a simple question: 'How can I make myself happier?' Happiness can be elusive, which anyone can tell from the number of products and lifestyles that…   Read Story »
Oh brother. Guys, I love to have fun and I love Rube Goldberg devices and I enjoyed the movie Amelie even if it took a very emotionally empty look at Love As Special Effect. But not everything needs…   Read Story »
This is what is Funkmaster Flex and/or Cipha Sounds would call a "Friday miracle." KRISPY KREEEEEEEME! So dope. Fuck James. Real bikes. #GETKREMED   Read Story »
Nothing. Same old same old. (Via GorillaMask.)   Read Story »
That is a good movie title! But it is not even as good as the actual movie.   Read Story »
A kid who created a Guitar Hero simulation on real life streets and then rode the game on his bike, or VIRAL MARKETING? Either way, it's everywhere, on every blog, website, email inbox, and IM window…   Read Story »
Everybody in Portland already knows about Gennifer Moss, aka, "Earth Friend Gen," a lady who rides her bike around naked for peace, but thanks to CNN, this hemp-wearing exhibitionist is on her way to…   Read Story »