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Kanye West, right you guys? Classic Kanye West. While the world will always remember the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards as the year in which the Jigsaw-headed man-baby went up on stage for no reason to…   Read Story »
There are plenty of iconic movie images that capture the essence of human terror. Hitchcock alone is responsible for many of them. Janet Leigh screaming in the shower in Psycho. Carey Grant running…   Read Story »
Music Video Director: So, Beyonce, do you have any ideas for your new music video? Beyonce: Yes. How about me and two other women doing a choreographed dance in black and white. Music Video Director:…   Read Story »
Dear Beyonce, You seriously need to fire your publicist, dude. By all accounts you seem like a classy, sophisticated woman. You've created some really great hits, and even invented a YouTube…   Read Story »
Boo, Mixed Company of Yale. Booooooooooooo. You're telling me that Donna Martin can't graduate, but these women get to continue studying at an ivy league university? Hoo-wah! Come on Dean Baraby,…   Read Story »
Remember when Hugh Jackman and Beyonce performed that stupid musical medley during the Oscars? Well, Baz Luhrmann is considering making a musical with them, like for real. They guy should just change…   Read Story »
During the showtunes medley that Hugh "Pee Pants" Jackman and Beyonce performed at Sunday's Oscars ceremony, Jackman dipped the Beez and her breast popped out. KIND OF. JUST BARELY. Normally, this is…   Read Story »
With all the attention that Shane Mercado received after his "Single Ladies" dance took over the internet, I can only imagine how it must have made 111288CBaby feel. He killed it on that song, too.…   Read Story »
You guys, remember 2008? That year was nuuuuuuuuts. Oh man, so many great memories. Hey, remember in 2008 when all those people were videotaping themselves dancing to Beyonce's "Single Ladies" and…   Read Story »