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It's getting harder and harder for kids these days to dance to Beyonce's "Get Me Bodied" in a gym or cafeteria without Beyonce herself showing up. Whoops, sorry. The way that's written, it kind of…   Read Story »
Good news, guys: you can finally delete those "kidz bop single ladies" google alerts. Waiting is the best sauce? Gross. Also, you were waiting for this? Gross. But also: sauce. Gross. IT'S HERE! IT'S…   Read Story »
Whether or not this push to end childhood obesity as part of Michelle Obama's White House initiative to promote healthy diets and regular exercise for young people works is still up in the air, but…   Read Story »
Fair enough. Sorry, gurrrl!   Read Story »
Thom Yorke made a new album? And a music video? And people have already taken that music video and re-edited it to other people's songs, namely people who do not sound very much at all like Thom…   Read Story »
While visiting Jay-Z's mom (you know how it is, when you have to go visit Jay-Z's mom) in West Orange, New Jersey , Beyonce crashed a block party. You guys, we are going to the wrong block…   Read Story »
Beyonce's new music video, "Why Don't You Love Me?": First there was "Ring the Alarm," and then there was "Irreplaceable," and now "Why Don't You Love Me?" You guys, I am worried about Beyonce!…   Read Story »
I feel bad for the kid, but his dad is right. He is NOT a single lady. Single ladies are empowered, independent, strong three-year-olds who don't let SOME MAN tell them what they can or can't be or…   Read Story »
Lady Gaga and Beyonce are in a video together? Great! It's 10 minutes long? Oh. (Who does Lady Gaga think she is, the Black Eyed Peas?) Lady Gaga and Beyonce in "Telephone," you guys: Look, I…   Read Story »
I didn't really watch the Grammys last night. I poked in and out. (Nullus.) It's really more of a Stereogum thing. (Or is it?) It just seems like out of all the awards shows, none is more out of…   Read Story »