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Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I rewatched Beverly Hills Cop (it is streaming on Netflix!) and that movie is so great. There was this moment in the 1980s when you could make a comedy that had lots of…   Read Story »
In 1990, Matt Groening doodled on a bunch of napkins and gave them to a waitress at Bennigans. Now, because the Internet exists, you can see them too! Look! -HyperVocal John Mulaney was on HuffPost…   Read Story »
Which meth dealer would you be? Hmm? Answer the question. Which one? The link here has some GIFs to help you choose which one, but it seems like it shouldn't be that hard of a question. So. Which one…   Read Story »
Eddie Murphy is on the cover of this month's Rolling Stone in light of the runaway success of the forward-thinking payment plan in which you can pay 60 dollars to watch Tower Heist in your home…   Read Story »