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A bunch of outtakes from VF's January Comedy Issue, including this adorable shot of Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner -VanityFair Oh God Adrien Brody What Are You Doing? -Gawker Best Week Ever is coming…   Read Story »
On Wednesday, the Internet was introduced to CorgiCam, a livestream of corgi puppies + mom, that I didn't know existed because NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT IT. What's the deal, guys? What's up? Why so quiet…   Read Story »
If your dad is anything like Don Draper, I'm sure he would love some pottery lessons for Father's Day. (Also I bet he loves being an almost completely static character whose TV show I'm not excited…   Read Story »
Oh no! Vulture is reporting that Best Week Ever may be going off the air forever! We hear from a source close to the production of Best Week Ever, which just went on summer hiatus, that the show's…   Read Story »
Who else is totally obsessed with the Yearning for Zion ranch and the robotic, monotone-voiced women who live there, besides me and Nancy Grace? Our friends at Best Week Ever saw the tour of the…   Read Story »
There are a few things about the show Best Week Ever that make it really enjoyable (the blog is also great! FART!): They've got great comedians like Paul F. Tompkins, Laurie Kilmartin, John…   Read Story »