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Someone's got a case of the Mondays! OR DO THEY?! Maybe not! Maybe you have an odd schedule and tomorrow is your day off, so, for you, someone has a case of the Fridays! Or maybe you didn't have…   Read Story »
Has anyone else ever had a cold? It's terrible! I hate that I am the first person on the planet to get this illness and I am going to be so angry about it for the rest of my life, but I guess there…   Read Story »
The Golden Globes come but once a year, and it's entirely possible that we only live but once, so it is our obligation as people who frequent a pop culture blog to squeeze every last bit of fun out…   Read Story »
It is very cold in the midwest right now. This morning in Brimson, Minnesota it was -40 degrees! I just pulled that one place out because it was the place that was mentioned in one of the first…   Read Story »
I feel like we've had a string of somewhat difficult party games recently ("feel like" because what am I going to do, go back and check? AT THE END OF THE DAY?), so why not have an easy one today?…   Read Story »
I haven't been in school in many years, so correct me if I'm wrong, but -- it's the place you go to when you need to buy groceries? Hahahaaaha, ahh, just kidding, I know what school is. What I was…   Read Story »
I thought about it for a long time, and a Menorah with indistinguishable cartoon turkeys on top of each of the candles was the best image that I could come up with for this party game. "But it…   Read Story »
Wow, our final spooOOooOoky party game! Who would have thought, a few weeks ago, that we would ever be here, in Halloween's week saying goodbye to our spooky party games until next Halloween? Not me!…   Read Story »
Hey, I know we're supposed to have a Spooky Movie Club meeting right now, but this week has been weird and I haven't gotten a chance to watch the movie yet! WAH-WAH. CREEeeek. Whoooosh. HISSS. BOO!…   Read Story »
Okay. I know that my October horror movie/ghost fixation has maybe gone a bit off the rails, but October literally only comes (3)1 day(s) a year, so will you please just let me have this one thing?!…   Read Story »