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After disability advocate groups raised issues with Tropic Thunder's repeated use of the word "retard" and other offensive terms to describe a role played by Ben Stiller's character in the movie,…   Read Story »
After last week's double hit of actually-pretty-good pretend websites for Simple Jack and Tugg Speedman, Tropic Thunder continues to roll out (Get it? "Roll" out?) more viral marketing stuff with a…   Read Story »
The latest in Tropic Thunder's marketing effort to re-create the internet as it would be if the fake movie-within-the-movie actually existed are three new fake websites: Simple Jack and Scorcher, the…   Read Story »
There probably are still many people out there in America and the world who, if you mentioned Tropic Thunder, the new movie coming out August 22, would say "What's Tropic Thunder?" But everyone else…   Read Story »
There's a new montage of film clips promoting the movie Tropic Thunder out today: a "trailer" for a movie-within-a-movie-within-a-movie called Rain Of Madness, the documentary about the making of…   Read Story »
So, this video with Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Robert Downey Jr. played during the MTV Movie Awards last night, which I did not watch because Lindsay and I had a coin toss over who would have to…   Read Story »
lindsay: there's a new Tropic Thunder super-restricted red band trailer and it's so worth entering your birthday to watch! lindsay: do you have anyone who you just look at them and laugh lindsay:…   Read Story »