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This was fun and I think it went pretty well! Lucky for you guys. I had this prepared just in case - to give you what for. No need for any of that now! Let’s embrace our inner nice kids and…   Read Story »
Don’t you hate it when this happens? You’re already having a bad day at work and that guy you hate keeps calling you a Kristen Wiig-alike, when all of a sudden you’ve got flambé junk.…   Read Story »
It used to be that you experienced love one flesh and blood human being to another – analog style. But we live in a time when any conceivable emotion can be expressed through a YouTube video. And I…   Read Story »
Anything I could say would just ruin this. Whaaaaaat?!?! UK Monsters, how could you have kept this from us for so long? (Thanks for the tip, hazel.)   Read Story »
Life imitates (f)art (jokes)! It was alright when Brandon T. Jackson’s character in Tropic Thunder (a rapper turned actor) made a song called Booty Sweat only because we were certain it wouldn’t…   Read Story »
Everyone's watching Portlandia, right? Well, if not, catch up now because IFC has renewed it for a second season. No IFC? That's no excuse! Hulu to the rescue. There are also clips on IFC's website.…   Read Story »
Do you know where your kids are right now? Are they watching Sesame Street? Do you have kids? If so, they could be being indoctrinated RIGHT NOW! I’m just saying: has anyone come out and…   Read Story »
[EDIT: This post has been rendered completely vestigial by the unseasonably warm weather here in Chicago today. ALL THE SNOW IS GONE!] Snow is the worst, right? Or is it the best? Here’s a bunch…   Read Story »
How was everyone’s Valentine’s Day? Mine was… three days ago. If only I’d known then what I know now! I could have hooked up with a ghost. Time to delete that Zoosk profile! There…   Read Story »
(Photoshopping courtesy of Patrick M.) Everyone say hi to my mom (again)! It’s no secret that my mom loooooves Gabe’s Top Chef Recaps. Because of the long and storied history of this…   Read Story »