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It's obviously difficult to answer questions in a foreign language, but also she didn't. Whatever. Like you've never strung together a completely nonsensical string of half-words-mostly-sounds in a…   Read Story »
This young lady wants to show us a new invention called "the thinny hair holder." She wants to do a good job of demonstrating how the thinny hair holder gives you a big 'ole Southern pageant-style…   Read Story »
Little Miss Perfect, another one of those baby beauty pageant reality shows that are so popular with a certain demographic (bloggers!), is finally coming to WE TV tomorrow. The trailer has been…   Read Story »
This chick actually won a recent beauty pageant with this strange, but truly skilled talent. The suspense will kill you, but don't skip ahead. It's worth the wait: The leg-raise was a nice, if…   Read Story »
Sometimes the internet works really hard to deliver something weird and exciting and new. And sometimes is just like, "Fuck it, we know where this is going." That'll do, internet. That'll do.   Read Story »