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James Franco announced on Instagram this morning (WHAT ARE WE DOING WITH OUR LIVES?) that he will have a new show on Ovation TV premiering in November called James Franco Presents.…   Read Story »
As a teenager, I always kind of hated the Beastie Boys because their lives seemed to just be a collection of extraordinarily fun and neat projects. Now I'm a grown man and the Beastie Boys are 100…   Read Story »
Even if you don't watch 30 Rock (?!), you can almost definitely find a recording artist to be excited about in this clip from the end of last night's season finale. It's more fun if I don't name…   Read Story »
An anonymous tipster at ABC sent over this just-for-fun mashup (apparently created by the show for their own amusement) using footage from The Unusuals, the Adam Goldberg/Amber Tamblyn cop dramedy…   Read Story »