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Hey, so, Bear Grylls was fired this week. Gabe wrote about it, and I thought it would only be right to find some Bear Grylls GIFs to remember the guy by, so I searched for them and oh my god DO NOT…   Read Story »
The Discovery Channel has "terminated its relationship" (read: we are not idiots, you fired him) with Bear Grylls! From Yahoo! (via RatsOff!) Discovery Channel has terminated its relationship…   Read Story »
Will Ferrell and Nick Offerman were on the fourth hour of the Today show today, and they had bloody marys, and it looked kind of perfect. Love those guys. -Buzzfeed Oh no! Bear Grylls was fired…   Read Story »
On tonight's season premiere of Man Vs. Wild, Bear Grylls gives himself an enema "for hydration". Sure, Bear Grylls. I'm sure at parties Bear Grylls is like "I just need to rub this cocaine on my…   Read Story »
Kids have taken over the news today! THE NEWS GOT SLIMED. Look at this story about some kid, it's great! From the AP: SALT LAKE CITY - When he realized he'd been separated from his family on a…   Read Story »
As previously reported, Will Ferrell has taped an episode of Man vs. Wild with Bear Grylls. Here is a preview, you guys. OK. I mean, I feel like at this point Will Ferrell has been put into third…   Read Story »
Will Ferrell is about to squeeze so much precious, life-saving water from animal shit into his chapped mouth it's crazy. From the AP: The [Discover] channel said Wednesday that Ferrell and series…   Read Story »
Oh man. Usually I rely on FAIL Blog for hilarious iPhone photos of Engrish misprints at the dollar store and videos of Russian Lady Sovereign destroying her living room. That is what makes it one of…   Read Story »
Oh noes! Bear Grylls has been injured. From the AP: Discovery Channel says Bear Grylls, rugged adventurer and star of its popular "Man vs. Wild" series, has been injured during an expedition in…   Read Story »
National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets comes out on DVD today, just in case you wanted to play a mean joke on your friend for their birthday. The special two-disc "Gold Collector's Edition" (because at…   Read Story »