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Liv Tyler paused to pick the movie poster's nose at the premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. (That old chestnut.) -BuzzFeed 'Nick Nolte Still Makes The Ladies Drop Their Drawers'?? -uhh,…   Read Story »
Have you ever wondered what the origin of Jack Nicholson's casting and representation of the Joker in Tim Burton's 1989 Batman movie was? No? You just figured it was a normal thing, and, like, Jack…   Read Story »
If you look up Adam West in the phone book in the town in Iowa where he lives, as someone on Reddit did, you will be redirected to Wayne, Bruce (Millionaire), obviously. And when you look up Wayne,…   Read Story »
Wake up, everybody! Wipe the sleep out of your face! Drink your coffee really fast, no matter how hot or cold it might be, because we've got a Batman rumor to share! WEEOOOWEEOOWEEOOO!* Now that…   Read Story »
Looking great, buddy! The unfortunate thing a lot of times with tattoos is that they don't age well, but with this one you just know that's not going to be an issue. You're 79 years old and building…   Read Story »
It sure seems like this 1979 Australian television interview with Tom Waits might have been the inspiration for Heath Ledger's performance in The Dark Knight. Some men just want to watch the piano…   Read Story »
JAMES?! IS THAT YOU?! (Via PopCultureBrain.)   Read Story »
In the weeks before The Dark Knight Rises came out, I rewatched the first two Christopher Nolan batman movies. It wasn't specifically on purpose. I'm not one of those fans who worries that he'll miss…   Read Story »
I'm a lady, and sometimes I have trouble figuring out how I should be treated in relationships. Luckily, movies give me a lot of options. Am I a friend that you realize you're in love with after…   Read Story »
Where does he get such wonderful TAX RETURNS?! Good one. Good one, Gabe. Gabe for president! I sure hope Christopher Nolan goes back over the final edit and cleans up Mitt Romney's dialogue policies…   Read Story »