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Hey Lady, How are you feeling? I  hope for my own sake that I'm not the first one to break this to you, but I read something a little unflattering about you this morning. It was on my homepage,…   Read Story »
Tonight, after a five year hiatus that seemed like a forever years hiatus, America's Most Important Television Show will return to NBC. FEAR FACTOR IS FEAR BACK-TOR! (I should probably write Joe…   Read Story »
Welcome to Barf Town: Population All The Barfs. At how many of his photoshoots do you think Terry Richardson says "We should do one where we're making out, that would be great!"? Is it 100% of the…   Read Story »
[Gabe Liedman is a stand-up comedian. In his new column, he takes on the genre of Dude Flicks, where guns, pecs, car crashes and glib one-liners delivered in front of a burning building with only…   Read Story »
Oh boy. It gets better/worse. From the About page: Life is busy. Who has time for dating? was designed for the busy young professional like yourself who lives a healthy lifestyle…   Read Story »
There is no way I'm suffering having seen this video about a teenager who has trouble seeing and goes to the hospital and learns that there is a maggot growing in (and EATING) his eyeball by myself.…   Read Story »