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Last night's Barbara Walters Most Fascinating People special was even more of a snore than usual (why was Tom Cruise fascinating in 2008, again?), but the highlight was the Tina Fey segment. And the…   Read Story »
So Peter Cook went on 20/20 on Friday for some reason, where he was interviewed by Barbara Walters about all the stuff he did that made Christie Brinkley divorce him. The guy was obviously trying to…   Read Story »
Sarah Silverman was on The View just now to promote the third season of The Sarah Silverman Program, and it was a little weird because she had very little contact with Hasselbeck and Shepherd, and…   Read Story »
Ellen Page may not have won Best Actress last night, but she did get a chance to educate Ol Barbara Walters about the appeal of The Moldy Peaches on Barbara's annual special: BARBARA: "I wanna ask…   Read Story »