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Last night, actress Amanda Bynes tweeted her closing arguments to Barack Obama and the entire legal system. Sweet justice! All of this relates back to Amanda Bynes's arrest in April on D.U.I. charges…   Read Story »
We have now fulfilled our sacred duty to the Elder God of Internet by posting The One True Web Video Of The Day for today and we can go back to our pathetic ant-lives on the bread crust of life.…   Read Story »
Donald Trump has jumped back on the birther train and kicked the conductor out through the engine room window to take command of this thing once and for all. FULL HAIR AHEAD! (Good joke about Donald…   Read Story »
And it's like, HE WOULD KNOW, right, guys?! Hahahahhahahhaha. Surrogates in theaters September 25th, 2009.   Read Story »
Kelly: Hey, Gabe Gabe: hi, Kelly Kelly: How has your day been Gabe: pretty good Gabe: a pretty standard day Gabe: here in America Gabe: the Greatest Country on Earth Kelly: Sure Kelly: Can't…   Read Story »
Senior Black Correspondent, Larry Wilmore, reports on the Trayvon Martin case for The Daily Show. It's good/interesting/funny but they should have invited Andrew!   Read Story »
Wait, does this mean we get to vote for Herman Cain again? Love that guy. Great President. Not entirely sure why J.J. Abrams is in this, but I'm sure he has his reasons. The important thing is that…   Read Story »
If even Piers Morgan, Captain of the Softball Questions Team, can hold your feet to the fire about your completely untenable position, it is time to rest your case. OBJECTION!   Read Story »
This. Changes. Everything. Nate Silver has been up all night and it looks like Rick Santorum is now a shoe-in to win not only the Republican nominating contest but also the general election in…   Read Story »
You guys following the 2012 presidential election? Well don't bother. It's all sewn up. A new USA Today/Pew Research Center poll shows that 100 percent of Americans would vote for Obama if the…   Read Story »