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Sometimes it's just nice to start the day with something BEAUTIFUL.   Read Story »
James Franco has written a poem to commemorate the second inauguration of President Barack Obama. You should obviously read the whole thing, or don't, what I meant to say is you should obviously do…   Read Story »
Is streaming live right now if you are interested. (Obama was technically sworn in yesterday because of the Constitution but just because he has to be a stickler doesn't mean you do. Enjoy the…   Read Story »
Great news, guys! All of the world's wars and epidemic diseases and rampant global poverty and impending environmental disasters have all been resolved or averted, so there's nothing left for the…   Read Story »
This website has had a long and difficult history with America's Mediocrity, Al Roker, but all of that is forgiven today. He is now an American Hero. Let's just get right to it. From TMZ: When you…   Read Story »
If you've been following the Gerard Depardieu news, read a book. Guys! You don't have to follow everything. Life is about making choices. Anyway, after the election of France's new president,…   Read Story »
So many things happened this week. Gossip Girl ended. Gabe posted his year-end Viral Video Retrospective. And then those are the only two things I think? Can't remember anything else. It's all a blur…   Read Story »
While you watch this video and think, "Haven't we had enough of these?" just remember that the world didn't end last night so this is the one we are still stuck with, and also remember that we are…   Read Story »
Here's a newly-released White House photograph of President Obama getting webbed by Spider-Man. Click through to see Spider-Man, he's terrifying! -HuffPo Jimmy Kimmel celebrates "This Year In…   Read Story »
'President Obama Meets PSY At Christmas In Washington': Worlds had been lightly colliding. PSY's sweater, though!! -BuzzFeed Chris Hardwick gave a sub-par yet awesome weather report on Fox 17…   Read Story »