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I have never been to a Bar Mitzvah. The closest I've gotten was a friend's relative's expensive Long Island Sweet 16 that I invited myself to a few years ago (Long Island Sweet 16s are like normal…   Read Story »
It is a common refrain among the elderly (17+) that we are glad the Internet wasn't around when we were children because we can only imagine the countless embarrassing things we would have published…   Read Story »
Luckily when Daniel is older and he and his friends are trading stories about their bar mitzvahs "I made a 'save the date' rap video" is probably going to be fairly commonplace. "Mine had Ne-Yo and…   Read Story »
Last night, at the Videogum Anniversary Party, which, thank you to everyone who came, and where were you last night to everyone who didn't make it, but all in all what a very nice time and a great…   Read Story »
YIIIIIIKES'L TOV! Zack, listen. First of all, congrats, l'chaim, etc. But, dude, you need to get this video removed from the Internet immediately! Don't get me wrong, I think it's very cool…   Read Story »
Harvey "Bombe Eclate" Feinstein is BACK! Clearly, I'm going to the wrong parties. We all are*. (Via TheHighDefinite.) *Unless some of us were at THIS party. Doubt it. Nerds.   Read Story »