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You probably already read about this over the weekend, but the authorities are pressing charges against Falcon Heene's parents! They planned the hoax two weeks in advance! The perfect crime!   Read Story »
The boy from the balloon, Falcon Heene, was in the attic the whole time! Uh oh! I mean, on the one hand, GREAT NEWS. The first thing that everyone in America wants is for Falcon Heene to be safe and…   Read Story »
I don't have any idea what this even is. Surprisingly, all of the YouTube comments on this video in the past couple of hours have been nothing but thoughtful and full of respect. Or the exact…   Read Story »
Wait a second, there was no boy in the balloon? Jesus Christ. He could be anywhere! Sort of. Depending on how you define "be." This is awful. Now what are we supposed to do? Also the family had been…   Read Story »
Everyone is watching this livefeed video about a SMALL BOY flying through the air in a FUCKING ALIEN BALLOON right? Just making sure.   Read Story »
This video (by Jason Rees via VSL) in which balloons are inserted into famous movies is the funniest/best thing that I have seen in weeks. Ha ha ha! Balloons! Balloons! This is the best thing! My…   Read Story »