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Oh, I can remember it like it was just yesterday. It was a rainy day, temperate for the time of month, and I was filled with an odd joy from the moment I awoke. Not that I was an unhappy person…   Read Story »
You know, you go to an event with certain expectations -- fine enough expectations to have, since they always drop the balloons, and once you get there you can see the balloons right there on the…   Read Story »
Maybe on your way to work you accidentally sat in something wet on the train, or accidentally stepped in something you didn't want to, or ran into someone you didn't want to see. Maybe you…   Read Story »
Guys, this life ain't gettin' any easier! (That is categorically untrue. I mean, life is definitely still a brief and confusing meander through a horrifying swamp filled with sadness and despair…   Read Story »
What? It's a party! Don't you like to have fun at the party? Put your game face on. And also your game butt and game penis. These balloons aren't going to squish themselves. Two points to the blue…   Read Story »
Look, if you're going to try and get in the balloon, sometimes you're going to get stuck in the balloon. Don't freak out, that's just part of it. See what I mean? A lot of times in these blogs…   Read Story »
This is just wonderful. Even better than Space Chair! Someone get this man a Father of the Year Mousepad for his home office, ASAP (As Soon As Possible).   Read Story »
Look, just because this website has a mascot now doesn't mean that all we're going to talk about is mascots and how cute mascots are and the smells emanating from mascots and how nervous we all get…   Read Story »
Today marks the one week anniversary of Falcon Heene entering into our lives and our hearts and very quickly exiting our hearts. We hate that guy! Not really, though. Who we hate is Richard Heene.…   Read Story »
Vic Mizzy is not even in the ground yet, so he will have to save up those grave rolls, but Richard Heene commissioned theme songs for his reality TV show ideas!!! They are hilarious and awful. He…   Read Story »