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Oh my god. There are so many other things you could be doing right now. Maybe you should watch this "I Don’t Want My Pizza Burning" video for a bit. It's as good as it sounds! There are infinite…   Read Story »
If there are two TV things that everyone loves, hands down, no disagreement, they are singing competitions and shows where people get physically and emotionally hurt. So this new karaoke physical…   Read Story »
Ah, it's an exciting time to be a television fan! Living in television's golden age, like we do. Only nonstop good ideas from everyone getting thrown around. And really when you're trying to come up…   Read Story »
Ziplines are very fun. I'm almost positive that I have been on one before and that it was very fun. I'm trying to think of the exact occasion, but I'm actually having some trouble. So it's possible…   Read Story »
The question I pose to you is this: can you think of a worse idea?   Read Story »