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Congratulations, dorks, you are about to get your first good night's sleep in 26 years because the mysterious relationship between a teenage boy and reclusive scientist has finally been explained.   Read Story »
The Onion's AV Club Inventory has a new video up today talking about and giving examples of movies in which the characters aged and their makeup did a terrible, over-the-top job of representing it.…   Read Story »
The past month has been chock full of nostalgic trips down memory lane for the movie Back to the Future, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. (Although, shouldn't it be more like "Memory…   Read Story »
Eric Stoltz was ridiculously drunk. He had started with beer, just, like, four or five beers around 2PM, or maybe it was 3PM, but it was definitely two or three PM and it was definitely not a big…   Read Story »
The reason that there have been so many Eric Stoltz in Back to the Future unveilings this week, and also this video in which Michael J. Fox re-creates the original teaser trailer, is because the…   Read Story »
Honestly, when footage of Eric Stoltz in Back to the Future surfaced yesterday, it seemed kind of shruggable to me. What I mean is, Back to the Future with Michael J. Fox is really good? And it's…   Read Story »
It's hard to imagine what it would be like to spend five weeks shooting a major motion picture only to be fired and replaced and have that movie go on to be an incredible success. So let's not even…   Read Story »
The Internet has been pretty excited this week about some new developments in bringing pop culture from the 1980s to life. The website ThinkGeek has developed actual Stay Puft marshmallows that you…   Read Story »
Did you know that there are Flux Capacitor replicas that you can buy for 229 dollars? There are. Just in case you have 229 but don't have the ability to grow up. Look, it's no secret that there is…   Read Story »