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Listen, I know not everyone is going to be completely into this video of the happiest baby on Earth nearly falling asleep and then waking up over and over, and I know that is because many of your…   Read Story »
There is no doubt in my mind that people growing up today are going to have a much different relationship with technology than people growing up when I grew up (two years ago) and people growing up…   Read Story »
And the lesson is: DON'T! Also the lesson is this is the best video I've ever seen in my entire life. (Via TheUniblog.)   Read Story »
You're so stupid, baby. (Via Reddit.)   Read Story »
This sort of feels like one of those videos where you watch it and send it to all of your parents and everyone on the internet thinks it's so cute and then after a few days you see an update that…   Read Story »
(Before I leave for the day on a top secret, very silly Videogum mission): The folks at Florence And White Ford saw the E Trade baby commercials and thought "Why not us?" With unintended…   Read Story »
This was labeled a video of an "elephant birth captured on film," but it's not, it's just a few seconds after, so it's not gross. A German zoo has released this footage of an as-yet-unnamed new baby…   Read Story »
This video was on America's Funniest Videos. It's among the most popular YouTube videos of all time. You've probably already seen it. Nonetheless, no cute viral video so far more beautifully…   Read Story »
Somebody at Wrangler's ad agency just wanted everyone to see his dumb baby. That's the best explanation for this nonsensical jeans commercial I can come up with: What? There is just no other…   Read Story »
Last night, millions of people gathered in their homes, in bars, and in VFW halls to watch an historic clash between generations. An older person attempted to connect with younger people, but missed…   Read Story »