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Gabe has previously reported numerous accounts of this dangerous sex monster's attempts at destroying the hearts and vaginas of the world's female population, but his latest ploy has taken his scheme…   Read Story »
Some days you gotta get started with a video of a bunch of different babies tasting a bunch of different lemons. I don't make the rules! I do not make the rules. I just play by them, and I play by…   Read Story »
What's the deal with these tiny pea brains? You see so many videos of the same thing -- one minute they're crying, as if the whole world isn't only trying to love them and teach them words and give…   Read Story »
Update your records accordingly. [NOTE: Also applicable in files "Baby," "Crying Baby," "Baby Tricks," "Cute," as well as "Web, General." Thank you.] (Via BlameItOn.)   Read Story »
As we go through our days, it's always possible that we may run into something that will tempt us to lose control over our emotions or bodies: A traffic jam, an annoying coworker, a dent in your car…   Read Story »
You hear a lot these days about people going a bit too far to get certain "scoops." Like how People magazine crashed Blake Lively's wedding to get the scoop about whether or not it looked like a…   Read Story »
It's funny how so often, even when we've done something many times, we assume we'll react in a different way than we have every other time we've ever done it. Like even though you never wake up to do…   Read Story »
It's September now. Summer is coming to a close, but fall and the happy part of winter are right around the corner. We're back at work from a long holiday weekend, but now there are only four days in…   Read Story »
If you don't love this video, you are a legitimate monster. Ok break over, back to work! Gotta eat those peas! (Via LaughingSquid.)   Read Story »
When the great philosophers were trying to resolve that age old weed circle question of how we can know for sure that our waking reality is any more real than our dream states one of the main…   Read Story »