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Come on, baby. It's over. Get over it. (Via DailyPicks.)   Read Story »
One thing you hear a lot is that people who ignore herstory are doomed to repeat it, but the inverse is also true sometimes. People who ignore herstory can also be doomed not to repeat it, when maybe…   Read Story »
No one is here to judge you. We all understand that sometimes, especially on Mondays, and even more especially on Mondays after the stupid Golden Globes (when did they end last night? 3AM?)…   Read Story »
#2013 (Via LaughingSquid.)   Read Story »
Sometime last night, mostly through the help of Twitter, this video of an eagle allegedly snatching a baby in Montreal went "viral." "Will we ever be able to take our delicious babies into eagle…   Read Story »
This one goes out to everyone who woke up super late today because telephones haven't evolved enough yet to know that they should try to wake you up again if you accidentally turned them off instead…   Read Story »
Sometimes it's nice to check in with the Internet, make sure it's still doing its thing. Yup! Everything seems to be in perfect working order. (Via DancingAloneToPony.)   Read Story »
When I die bury me inside the Gucci store, yes, but when I'm born bury me wherever this is. Bad baby contest, you in first place! (Via Slacktory.)   Read Story »
Earlier this week, the BAD DAD ALERT was triggered by a FOUR ALARM BAD DAD when it was reported (haha, reported) that Kelsey Grammer took his three month old baby to a party at the Playboy mansion.…   Read Story »