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Seriously, no offense to The Beatles or anything, but this kid's cover of "Don't Let Me Down" reaches into the depths of the material in a way that those guys simply couldn't. Not that The Beatles…   Read Story »
Hey Adela, why's your dad so weird? (Thanks for the tip, werttrew!)   Read Story »
We know that the long weekend is over, but will someone please remove us from this vehicle and put us back in bed? Just for a few more minutes? You can make us coffee while we're sleeping. Come on,…   Read Story »
Can you imagine the built-in anecdote this baby is going to have for the rest of his life? Any time Billy Murray or a Billy Murray movie is brought up in conversation with new people he will be free…   Read Story »
To momentarily distract from news of the devastation in Oklahoma, the victims of which you can learn how to help here. Also buy a GoPro, I guess? (Just kidding.) (Unless you want one.) (Via SayOMG.)   Read Story »
Baby girl sang in ca-a-a-a-ar todaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! (Via ViralViral.)   Read Story »
I don't have any children of my own, YET, hi ladies, but I've done my fair share of babysitting (ALWAYS BE ON YOUR GRIND) and I've seen movies and stuff. The point is: babies, right. Yes. For sure.…   Read Story »
Thank you for choosing the Baby's Guide to Water Skiing™ as your choice in either teaching your baby how to water ski, or learning how to water ski yourself (if you are a baby). Seeing as how…   Read Story »
There's something about watching an entire video of an adorable little kid teaching you how to make vegan cupcakes when you have absolutely no intention of making them that doesn't feel EXACTLY…   Read Story »