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An audience member/extra named Lawrence who attended/participated in a comedy show filmed last night for Judd Apatow's Adam Sandler-starring comedian movie Funny People tried not to break the house…   Read Story »
Scrubs is back tonight at 9pm on a new network (ABC), with Human Giant's Aziz Ansari guest-starring in the first few episodes as an "inappropriate" intern named Ed. We've been eagerly awaiting this…   Read Story »
The project formerly known as "The Office Spinoff" has signed on Rashida Jones as a co-star along with Poehler and Aziz Ansari, playing "a nurse whose boyfriend has a strange injury." Okay, whatever,…   Read Story »
If Bobb'e J. Thompson, the little force of nature who was one of the five best parts of the fall's best comedy movie, Role Models, looks familiar, it might be because he was in the Shutterbugs…   Read Story »
This picture, which was obviously taken last night because of Heidi's dress (kill me, please), had better be extremely ironic. This is not going to be a thing: Hey, whatever Human Giant guys, I…   Read Story »
Aziz Ansari has been obsessed with this Diddy Burger King commercial he saw a few weeks ago and wanted to share with the world, and last night he put it up on his blog (along with a plea to star in…   Read Story »
This past weekend at Comic Con, the Human Giant guys showed up at a Pineapple Express panel and took over the Q&A with questions about Frank Miller, Frank Miller, swords, Superbad 2: Full Throttle,…   Read Story »
Aziz Anzari's deleted scene from The Dark Knight: "Yeah, he stopped chasing the Joker to give me his insurance information."   Read Story »
Oh. My. God. First Aziz Ansari, now this news for the project known as The Office spinoff: The Hollywood Reporter says maybe: Poehler is in talks to star in NBC's spinoff of "The Office," sources…   Read Story »
Good news for the world! Human Giant's Aziz Ansari has been hired to star in the new spinoff of The Office. Says Aziz on his blog: "I haven't been this excited since Lisa lost Top Chef!" Variety also…   Read Story »