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James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem attended the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday. Not as the celebrated leader of a great band that he is, but as Aziz Ansari's semi-anonymous plus one. And then he blogged…   Read Story »
Comedian Aziz Ansari of Parks And Recreation, Observe And Report, Funny People, His Blog, his Twitter, his stand-up comedy, and being friends with Kanye West had a refreshing interview on Jimmy…   Read Story »
A (presumably) Mac-snob blogger actually called the Indiana Parks And Rec people to confirm that they're way not cool enough to use Mac computers the way the actors do on the show. (Also: most nurses…   Read Story »
We now have two episodes (of a six-episode first season) of Parks And Recreation on which to judge it. This week we met Leslie's mother, learned the extent of Leslie's plan to be the first female…   Read Story »
gabe: did you like parks and recreation? gabe: be honest gabe: do not do that thing you do gabe: where you pretend to like something you don't like gabe: out of some kind of moral obligation lindsay:…   Read Story »
Parks And Recreation, the show about you already know everything it's about starring you already know who it stars, premiered last night. (If you missed it, the full episode is on Hulu.) It seems…   Read Story »
And it's called "Knope Knows." We all hope the show will be great, it's just funny that someone has poured time and energy into a fan site for something they have yet to see.   Read Story »
This weekend's Videogum Movie Club selection, Paul Rudd and Jason Segel's I Love You, Man, came in second at the box office to Nicolas Cage's Knowing (though it still did pretty well.) How is…   Read Story »
Well played, Mr. Ansari. It's actually weird that more fames don't do this. Did Aziz just crack the code? Every morning Americans line up at five in the morning to stand behind Matt Lauer holding…   Read Story »
The red band trailer for Seth Rogen's new unfortunately-about-a-mall-cop comedy, Observe And Report, came out this weekend. They seem to be really trying to distance themselves from Blart: Hmmm.…   Read Story »