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Oh man, you guys, remember, like, four days ago when no one really gave a shit about late night television because it's 2010 and we all have better things to watch on our Motorola RZRs? Now, it is…   Read Story »
"Girls kiss, yo, nowadays? Fuck yo." Have you seen the RZA's insane but obviously awesome paintings? I signed up to reserve one, but then a dude called my house to tell me that they are $500. Yikes!…   Read Story »
It's official: your mom loves him.   Read Story »
They say that art lies in taking something very personal and making it universal. Or whatever. The idea is that in exploring life as you understand it, from your own unique perspective, you actually…   Read Story »
Raaaaaaaandy is right: the people of Darfur are not getting their dick sucked every day.   Read Story »
Zune, whatever that is, has teamed up with Mean Magazine to create a series of movie parodies starring odd pairings of fames with unlikely movie choices. Looks like Mr. Zune took a course in What The…   Read Story »
Here's a joke: what's the difference between Raaaaaaaandy and Dane Cook? I don't hate Raaaaaaaandy or find him insufferable, boring, untalented, and unfunny. Also he is fictional. BONUS PUNCHLINE!   Read Story »
Uh oh, trouble is brewing for Judd Apatow's upcoming Funny People. A Videogum commenter writes: I've seen the movie. You will be disappointed. Everyone will be disappointed. Yikes! I hope that we…   Read Story »
I have to say, Judd Apatow's upcoming Funny People is killing it in the Viral Marketing Department (with the possible exception of that talking Adam Sandler head on a baby's body clip, which was…   Read Story »