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Well, here we are. Without any Thursday night TV gifs. Here's a good and interesting and important question: When Up All Night is in the Thursday night lineup, are we going to post gifs of that show?…   Read Story »
We talked a tiny bit about the Austin Powers musical yesterday, and tossed around the idea of me and Gabe trying out for Mini Me and Dr. Evil, and we all decided that that was a great idea, and Gabe…   Read Story »
The Austin Powers franchise is getting a Broadway musical, THANK GOD. Finally another actor gets the chance to take on the roll of Mini Me. Do you think females can try out for that role? Actually,…   Read Story »
Mike Myers is planning on a fourth Austin Powers movie that he will write, produce, and star in. Smmmmmokin! Haha. Get it? It's his catchphrase. See also: "Very funky, lady!"   Read Story »
One more thing about President Bush and the shoes: If only the shoe-thrower had watched this part of Austin Powers, he would know that his weapon was imperfect: The funniest thing about that clip…   Read Story »
This weekend's Page Six magazine has an interview with Ed Westwick (via Just Jared). Did you know he was British? Of course you did. All 12-year-old girls know that. But did you also know that he…   Read Story »