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Paul Brittain is leaving Saturday Night Live! This week! FOR GOOD! Oh no! Are we ever going to see him again?! Do you think?! -EW Good news, horse fans! The HBO series Luck, which had its…   Read Story »
Last week we tried very hard to figure out the Aubrey Plaza "juice bar neg" cliffhanger from the lastest issue of Rolling Stone, and the answer has finally been revealed! She didn't know who he was?…   Read Story »
BOOOOOOO! Boo! Ghosts! Ahh! Boo! Were you scared just now? That was a pretty scary succession of words I just typed so if you were scared you should NOT be ashamed. Anyway, it's the end of the week,…   Read Story »
This is an interesting Best New Party Game because it's time sensitive and a real answer exists not very far beyond our reach! Is everyone's blood pumping? Kind of like you took maybe too much…   Read Story »
Oh my God, Shia LeBeouf directed a Marilyn Manson video and it was too disgusting and scary for me to get through the whole thing, but I hear it is NSFW.  So don't watch it at work. Also don't watch…   Read Story »
Jason Bateman and Will Arnett have started a new company, like a couple of Mr. Managers, called dumbdumb. It is sort of like FunnyOrDie, I guess, but all of the "viral videos" they make will have…   Read Story »
They say that art lies in taking something very personal and making it universal. Or whatever. The idea is that in exploring life as you understand it, from your own unique perspective, you actually…   Read Story »
We now have two episodes (of a six-episode first season) of Parks And Recreation on which to judge it. This week we met Leslie's mother, learned the extent of Leslie's plan to be the first female…   Read Story »
Parks And Recreation, the show about you already know everything it's about starring you already know who it stars, premiered last night. (If you missed it, the full episode is on Hulu.) It seems…   Read Story »