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Oh, Kirk Cameron. You are OUR generation's Victoria Jackson! At first, when Kirk Cameron says something, my immediate reaction is that it must just be embarrassing for political conservatives. Why…   Read Story »
Mediaite is reporting that Spike Lee has settled out of court with the McClaine family, whose address he incorrectly posted on Twitter as the address of America's Most Hated Man #1, George Zimmerman.…   Read Story »
In a letter to Politico, Geraldo Rivera has "apologized" for his explosive remarks last week concerning Trayvon Martin's responsibility for his own death via clothing choice. And by apology, of…   Read Story »
I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Now it's time to remember what a horrible dummy Gerlado is!   Read Story »
It's crazy how long you and Geraldo have been together. We've all had our share of serious relationships and long-term commitment, but for those of us without a decades long relationship under our…   Read Story »
In Chloe's defense, it's difficult to know how basic mathematic principals work when your husband is preparing to humiliate you on the Internet. Divorce him! Show your work!   Read Story »
Now that the Paula Deen Asshole Train has pulled out of the station, someone broke off the brake handle and this thing is Chris Pine's Unstoppable! Look out for that bend! Paula Deen is going to fly…   Read Story »
Piers Morgan recently interviewed Kirk Cameron for some reason. I honestly have no idea. Like, we talk about Kirk Cameron on the Internet sometimes because he'll be in a movie about how God Loves…   Read Story »
There's a new trailer out today for Lena Dunham's upcoming HBO "dramedy" Girls and it looks fine. I enjoyed Dunham's feature film, Tiny Furniture, and this show clearly has the same tone, not to…   Read Story »
There was a very interesting article in the New York Times yesterday that focussed on a particularly hard-hit county in Minnesota to discuss the socio-economic paradox in which the people who rely…   Read Story »