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Taylor just wanted to tell us first, because we have been so amazing. Her multi-million dollar partnership deal with Diet Coke wouldn't be possible without all of the love and support of her fans,…   Read Story »
Where did you guys meet? I bet that's a fun story! I love to hear the stories about how cute couples met. Oh wait, hold on, your boyfriend has more to say. SHHHH I AM TRYING TO LISTEN TO YOUR…   Read Story »
Hang in there, guys! We are almost done here. Seriously, though, what else is there to even talk about today? Can you think of something else that you want to talk about? Because if you can, you are…   Read Story »
Remember that lady who drove her car up on the sidewalk every morning to avoid waiting 2 seconds for a school bus to drop off a disabled child? Well a judge has ordered her to wear a sign that says…   Read Story »
Wait. That's it? The big announcement Donald Trump has been threatening all week is just that he's a miserable racist? I'm pretty sure we already knew that! This is some bullshit. I was hoping for…   Read Story »
Thank you all for sending this in but also kind of no thank you, you know?   Read Story »
I'm getting the feeling that Kirk Cameron is never going to rest his case. If he doesn't rest his case, how will the judge know that it's time to send him to jail?!   Read Story »
Hey, has anybody checked in on Bam Margera lately to see if he is still the worst, or if maybe he's not the worst anymore? Just curious! Oh, he Tweeted a picture of himself holding a gun to a puppy's…   Read Story »
One of the worst parts about injustice is how it makes you feel invisible. The hope/desire for something to be done about it is often less about punishment and more simply about recognition. Doesn't…   Read Story »
Chris Brown's new NECK TATTOO (right) was revealed today, and, uh, it is an image of a battered woman. OH BOY, THERE IS REALLY ONLY SO MUCH YOU CAN HANDLE IN THIS LIFE. Like, it goes 100% without…   Read Story »