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From Variety: "FilmEngine and Benderspink are teaming to reboot 2004′s “The Butterfly Effect” with original writer-director Eric Bress on board to pen the new script. Producers are A.J. Dix,…   Read Story »
It is so rare that I actually have an GIF-related news to report in the GIFs post, if you can believe that, but today is different! HOLD ONTO YOUR GIF BELTS! This week Google updated their image…   Read Story »
There is an interview with Ashton Kutcher in the latest issue of Elle magazine, because if there is one thing that the women of America want it is to hear what Ashton thinks about the process of…   Read Story »
Amy Poehler + Tina Fey + Paul Rudd + Fred Armisen + Ken Marino + Will Arnett + Jon Glaser + Carrie Brownstein + Jack McBrayer + Pretty In Pink + Sixteen Candles = ??? -AVClub Before the premieres…   Read Story »
As we know, while filming the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic jOBS, Ashton Kutcher all but disappeared into the title role. "Is Ashton going to be on set today?" people would ask, probably. "Ashton is on…   Read Story »
The first clip from the Ashton Kutcher-fronted Steve Jobs biopic jOBS (LOL) was released today and it mostly looks fine, actually? Also Josh Gad has, like, 0 idea about how much everybody's gonna…   Read Story »
Man, I still just cannot get over that John Travolta and Oliva Newton-John music video. I've watched it so many times! Like, a ridiculous amount of times. I don't even want to say how many times. It…   Read Story »
This photo of Ashton Kutcher looking a lot like Steve Jobs, we have to admit, (based on this photo of Steve Jobs in particular) was released yesterday, along with the announcement that the Steve Jobs…   Read Story »
Forbes released its list of the highest paid TV actors today, and Ashton Kutcher was #1 with an annual salary of $24 million. The Kutsch! Congrats, man! Hugh Laurie and Ray Romano were tied for…   Read Story »
The man you're looking at right now is Former College Humor comedy actor Thomas Middleditch, who has been cast as Dwight Schrute’s brother Jeb in the Office spinoff that I totally forgot about…   Read Story »