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So, there is an Arrested Development contest. From the Hollywood Reporter: Six fans will be awarded walk-on roles on the upcoming fourth season of the cult comedy, Netflix announced…   Read Story »
That's your kegerator. -Geekologie Oh speaking of, here is a collection of photos mixing Breaking Bad and Star Wars. I DON'T KNOW WHY. Because everything has to be mixed with everything else…   Read Story »
Here is Sofia Vergara dressed up like Lucille Ball, making a scary face. -Dlisted After seeing the Odd Life of Timothy Green Crying video from a few days ago, FilmDrunk polled a few Uproxx…   Read Story »
This news is everywhere today, but maybe you are actively avoiding information about the new season of Arrested Development and I would never want to take that tiny, sweet dream away from you. BUT!…   Read Story »
Photos have been cropping up all week from the set of the new season of Arrested Development, which is going to premiere on Netflix. That's great! The part about there being new episodes, I mean.…   Read Story »
What you're looking at is the FIRST LOOK (though really it's the second look, because there was one unofficial look released a few months ago, but this is certainly the first official look) at Daniel…   Read Story »
In our ongoing coverage of things the cast of Arrested Development tweets about the upcoming revival of Arrested Development, Jason Batemen tweeted this picture of Michael Cera in the house! Hey…   Read Story »
There is a life-sized David Duchovny stunt double mannequin up on eBay right now. Just, you know, giving you a head's up about it. Just FYI. Auction ends tomorrowish. It's not that expensive right…   Read Story »
Kirk Demarais's online gallery of colored pencil portraits of TV and movie families is great. You're going to like it, I pretty much promise, though I don't even know you at all, so definitely no…   Read Story »
Obviously, the big story this week was all the SMANIEL SMOSH nonsense that I legitimately never want to talk about again, not even if you gchat me and say something like, "Wow, I hope no one ever…   Read Story »