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Netflix released a trailer today for the upcoming season of Arrested Development. WOULD YOU HIT IT?   Read Story »
It hasn't been stated officially yet, but a few sources are reporting that ABC has picked up the Marvel spin-off Agents of SHIELD, and the network briefly featured a short teaser for the series…   Read Story »
Flavorwire has put together a bunch of Arrested Development-themed Mother's Day cards. Please do not give any of these to your mother. -Flavorwire Over at the AV Club, New Girl showrunners…   Read Story »
I feel like these photos, or photos similar to these photos, pop up online every now and again, but maybe you'd like to take a look at them now? They're behind the scenes photos from Empire Strikes…   Read Story »
Want to see pictures of Jimmy Fallon at his prom? The answer for me was "YES," but I can't really explain why. Anyway, here you go! -RatsOff! Entertainment Weekly has a SNEAK PEEK into the new…   Read Story »
Ugh, Netflix rates Arrested Development with bananas? Relax, Netflix! We're going to watch Arrested Development! Whether we're excited about it or not! -Hypervocal Connie Britton is your…   Read Story »
As Kelly pointed out in this morning's link round-up, the drumbeat for the new episodes of Arrested Development grows louder. Tumblr posters, etc! The 15 new episodes will be available all at once…   Read Story »
Netflix has released a bunch of teaser posters for the upcoming season of Arrested Development -- one for each character. It's as if they know the bulk of their fan base exists on blogs and will…   Read Story »
The new season of Arrested Development has gotten its Netflix release date! Now you know when to plan your parties, but is there even enough time?! -PopCultureBrain This video was tipped to us from…   Read Story »
President Obama's trip to Israel, as seen through the lens of Arrested Development. -NowThis Vine is generally a garbage dump of screaming and incomprensible visuals, but Will Sasso is VERY GOOD…   Read Story »