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Magnetic Fields’ Stephin Merritt covered  "Electric Love" from Bob's Burgers' "Topsy" episode and I can't believe how all of my favorites keep coming together for the "Bob's Buskers" series,…   Read Story »
This is Alison Brei's high school yearbook photo. She looks the same, but younger! -reddit Someone has begun chronologically editing Arrested Development's fourth season. I'm not going to say…   Read Story »
A portrait of Michael Douglas as Liberace using over 4000 Mike & Ike candies. -LaughingSquid The Internet was abuzz this weekend with the news that Nikki Finke had been fired from her position…   Read Story »
What a week! FOR GIFS! I just watched Behind the Candelabra two nights ago and boy oh boy does that movie have some good GIF moments. And a whole new season of Arrested Development? GIF me a break!…   Read Story »
Considering that this past holiday weekend is, by all accounts, the kick off of the summer season, and a great time to barbecue with friends and just all around get into The Spirit Of It All, there…   Read Story »
As you may know, the new season of Arrested Development hits Netflix this weekend and people are excited. Fans across the blogs have been trampling over each other to put together supercuts of…   Read Story »
What a treat, a promo poster for Wheels Ontario: Season Two. -JonDaly Scandal's John Barrowman has been named host of ABC's upcoming singing competition reality series Sing Your Face Off, which…   Read Story »
Jennifer Lawrence, why so blue? Aahhahhaahaa. -FilmDrunk Seth MacFarlane has announced on Twitter that he will not be hosting the next Academy Awards, citing the fact that he needs sleep. Okay!…   Read Story »
If you had a catered-to-your-liking viewing plan set for the new season of Arrested Development, under the Jason Bateman-given impression that you'd be able to watch it in whatever order you wanted,…   Read Story »
Bet you can't guess who these guys are! -RatsOff! Martha Stewart appeared on The Tonight Show last night and talked about her sex life and also called Jay "Dave." Classic Marth. -Uproxx The CW…   Read Story »