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It's funny how yesterday we were all talking about the Anchorman 2 announcement, like that was any kind of a big deal, when the news of TWINS 2: TRIPLETS with EDDIE MURPHY AS THE THIRD TWIN was just…   Read Story »
Schwarzenegger posted this photo of him and Sylvester Stallone in pre-op together waiting for their simultaneous shoulder surgeries along with the following caption: After all the action, stunts &…   Read Story »
How is Arnold Schwarzenegger not recording DVD commentary for all of the movies? Now that we know what a DVD commentary track can actually BE, who on Earth wants to hear what Wes Anderson has to say?…   Read Story »
Unfortunately, in the days since the Breaking Bad season finale, I have become a little crazy about people not accidentally getting anything about the finale spoiled for them. I think it stems from…   Read Story »
There is now a museum in Austria dedicated to Arnold Schwarzenegger. But of course you already knew that. Because it is your museum and you are the curator and also the docent and also the board.…   Read Story »
Pretty sad news today, you guys. From the Hollywood Reporter: Arnold Schwarzenegger is putting the brakes on his acting career in the wake of the unfolding scandal surrounding the child he…   Read Story »
How do you think Maria broke the news? “Hasta la vista, baby. I won’t be back. I live to see you eat that pre-nup, but I hope you leave enough room for my fist, because I'm going to ram it…   Read Story »
Didn't we all agree that 300 kind of sucked? I was pretty sure that we all agreed that 300 kind of sucked. I know for sure that everyone agreed that Clash of the Titans sucked, and if memory serves,…   Read Story »
Cool. Looks great. Hey, here's a completely unrelated question: do you guys ever think about just, you know, like, giving up completely? As if perhaps all of the hard work of trying to conceptualize…   Read Story »
The soon to be former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, will be the subject of a comic book about a superhero named The Governator. Cool. Cool guy. Cool governor. Cool character. Cool…   Read Story »